Saturday, January 26, 2013

About Me

Now that I've commited to blogging AT LEAST once a week you may (or may not) want to know more about me. I'm 28 years old and live in La Verkin Utah. If you're not familiar with Southern Utah it is a very small town located about 30 minutes from the larger St. George. It's a quiet, rural, friendly town where strangers wave at you and you may occassionaly find horse poop in front of your house (yes, in the street. that's how we La Verkinites roll). I'm married to a wondeful guy, Danial, who is the second light of my eyes. My first light is my son Cougar, just over a ... actaully today is his 1 year and 1 month "anniversary"! I can't imagine life without my two boys. I am on my second home ownership and it's pretty much our dream home. I bought the first home before Danial and I got married and it was the perfect starter home but once we had Cougar space grew to be too tight. Danial has two other kids from a previous marriage and with my home business I need an office so we had to move from a 3 bedroom up and we couldn't of gotten luckier! Since I work at Coldwell Banker (a real estate company) I have the in on the good deals and friends on the inside so we scored a 5 bedroom 3 bath home with approx 3400 sq ft for a killer deal! We were sad to leave our first home but not sad enough to not do it. It's actually about a one minute drive between the two so we sometimes drive by and reminisce.

I was born in California and my parents moved to Utah when I was just turning 9 to be closer to my moms parents and to get out of the Southern California crime to raise me. I've almost been here ever since. I did go to Ohio for about 4 years and did the college thing and graduated with an AA in Graphic Communications (graphic design), then moved back to Southern Utah to be closer to the aging grandparents. I got to spend a few short more months with my grandpa before he had an unexpected stroke and soon after passed away. Grandma held on for a bit longer but she too passed in 2010. Life is so sad without them but I have my memories and those I will always hold dear to my heart. I was very close with both of them and miss them emencely.

I currently work at Coldwell Banker Premier and sometimes help my mom at her Tanning Salon              Tan 24-7 on the weekends and of course I have a small home business called Twisted Pixels where I offer graphic design and printing. Since I'm a super small company I don't make a lot off this home business, I mainly do it to keep my design skills fressh and ever evoloving so thus I am able to offer printing for a fraction of the cost that other places charge. It's a win win so if you ever need printing and/or design let me know. I have also recently become part of the Street Team for Rockeresque, they are a vegan and crutely free cosmetic company and I LOVE their products. Their colors are so bright and inexpensive it will knock your socks off. Vegan with an Edge they say. You should go check them out, if you end up ordering go ahead and in the comments section drop my name (Beverly Whipple) so they know I'm rocking hard for them. If you haven't been able to tell I'm somewhat of a work-a-holic. I have the need to work and promote and make good things happen for the places I work for.

I have one dog, Bianca the Shih-Tzu and Lewis Merth the cat. A handful at times but, like my child, are worth it.  The bring smiles to my face.

Ok, I think you are about Beverly'd out for now. Keep checking back as I reval the plot to take over the world... I mean the status of  my journey of self discovery. I'd love to hear any feedback you may have so let me know.

P.S. so glad Blogspot auto saves because I just accidentially deleted this entire thing and was sad. Look, I'm learning already!

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