Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, just what is my routine?

Alright, now that we've gotten my back story finished now it's time to focus on the future. What's the secret to my success? Do I exercise? What do I eat? Is it more costly to eat this way? Are several questions I've gotten from friends in the past. I can say I'm actively doing the Weight Watchers Points Plus system. Basically, if you are not familiar with this program, every morsel of food has a point value, depending on your height, weight, and activity level for the day you are allotted so many points. I currently get 34 points a day. I have this nifty little app on my iPhone that lets me track everything I eat and I'm able to see the points I've eaten in a day and how many/little I have left. I usually try to track out my entire day and breakfast so I can see what I will have left at the end of the day if I should happen to wander into Brownie land or something. They say you are supposed to eat ALL your points because the whole process behind this system is you are feeding your body and getting it used to smaller portions and healthier options. When I hit my plateau a few months ago I decide I was going to leave about 5 points off and see what happeend. Lately I've been eating anywhere from 20-30 points so one of my goals this week is to eat all my points worth. You may think this is hard but sometimes it just is. Lately, a typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: Cereal 2 servings at 3 points each = 6 points
Snack: cherry tomatoes=0 points, 4 olives = 1 point
Lunch: Turkey sandwich 4-5 points, string cheese=2 points, apple= 0 points
Dinner: pre-approved WW meal cooked from WW recipe book usually around 8-10 points
Which at the end is at the most 24 points. You can see I need to snack more (which sounds so funny, but your body likes smaller meals, or snacks, and it's easier to break down than larger meals).

I also bought an elliptical so at night after the baby is in bed I try to sneak away for 5 minutes. I know, 5 minutes sounds so measly but #1 I HATE exercising and B. I'm starting off slow. I figure I'll work my way up by a minute every other week or something. At least I'm getting my body moving. Which, by the way, is the first time I've exercised in this journey. Yes, I lost 60 lbs without doing any real exercising, just eating right and watching portions.

I love to use Pintrest. I usually scroll through any new pins my friends have made and then I'll go straight to the DIY/Craft section. I recently saw a pin from a friend about how this mom of 4 (family of 6) spends $200 a MONTH on groceries. Of course I had to read it because with our new home and new car money has been SUUUPER tight (meaning I've been pulling from savings to scrape by). This, January, is the first month that Danial and I have tried that and so far, by golly, it's working. We haven't really done without and food items we just shop every other week (instead of every week) and I've been cooking some meals that aren't from the WW cook book but still are not bad (I just have to calculate how many points are in a particular meal) so, for $200 this month I've been able to shop healthy for Danial and myself.

Ok, Confession time. I am 100% against those fad diets, pills, and basically anything that is not healthy eating and exercise to lose weight. But recently something caught my eye. I was on Facebook and I'm "friends" with a local radio station who was posting about I didn't pay any attention toit the first time I saw the thumbnail but then I saw it again and decide to click on it. I read about it and what it is is liquid protein that you take 3 hours after eating your last bite, right before you go to bed, and it works on finding the stored fat and burns it while you sleep. They say it is for losing inches, and not so much weight. I chatted with my mom about it and after some research on it I figured what the hell? She and I both bought a bottle. The results? So far it's great. I'm only in the 3rd week of doing it but it kind of got me out of my slump and off that plateau! I'm at my lowest weight since I can remember. When I first started taking it waiting 3 hours after eating is/was a big challenge. We typically finish at 6:30 and then since we are old bums would go to bed sometimes at 8:30 but usually between 8 and 9 so if I stop eating at 6:30 that means I have to stay awake (and Danny too) until 9:30! It just seems so late! After the first week I am actually getting used to it and I like it because it gives me a chance to get things done, like dishes, graphics work, and making my lunch for the next day. I have lost about 5 inches total from several areas. Once my one month supply of this stuff is gone I most likely won't buy more but it gave me a great jump start to get my butt in gear again. I urge anyone who is one a plateau or slump to try not eating for the last three hours at night and then drink an 8 oz glass of water before they go to bed. Let me know what happens! What is funny is I notice the "little" things I'd eat and not even really know about it but now that I've taken that stuff I notice it. My mental self says "better not eat that co you'd have to stay up later! noooooo" so Instead of eating the bis and pieces left in the pan I'd immediately drench the pan in water and feel good about it. That may sound funny to some of you out there but when you're a food addict you just see things differently.

Ok! That's it! I'm going to, hopefully, blog at least once on Saturday's (my weigh in days) and keep everyone up to date on anything great going on in between then. I worked hard and focused this last week but that damn female mother nature reared her ugly head so I had a .2 (yes POINT TWO) weight gain over last week. The important thing is I did not let it get me down and I'm going to stay focused and committed this week so I can have a big pay off on Saturday (Weight Watchers says you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs a week on their programs and that is just fine with me).


  1. Hi Bev! This blog is so awesome! I love reading about others who also have struggles and successes with food and daily health. I have UC which is a digestive disease and have to be super careful about what I eat or else I get really sick, sometimes to the point of not being able to take care of my family. And while you'd think that would be enough motivation to stay healthy, sometimes its not because I LOVE food, even the stuff that I'm not supposed to eat. I need to work on my willpower and I can totally relate to throwing stuff in the sink and turning the water on it so I'm not tempted to eat the little leftovers still in the pan. Dinner clean up is one of the hardest times for me. Thank you for inspiring me to once again work on my willpower!

  2. Awww Thanks Annalie. I've done my job and I shall stop blogging now. Just kidding :) It's nice to know there are others out there who know the struggles of every day life. Right now, my co-worker brought me some candy and I ate one kiss and one mini Hershey and put the others in my desk. Seriously, I can't think of anything else but that damn candy. What's wrong with us?! :) My willpower to become a better person shall win this one and that's the important part. Stay strong and know you are not alone!

  3. So excited for you! You're fantastic!! You need to post some before pics so we can watch as you transform!! BTW, you should totally get some dance videos and work out to those. I really HATE exercise -- I feel good doing it but for the most part, I HATE it! BUT i LOVE to work out to dance videos cuz you burn calories while you are having FUN! And trust me, you will burn LOTS of calories...I sweat like crazy!! hahahha

    Well I am looking forward to following your journey. Battling health and weight is one of my beggest trial. UGH!