Friday, February 8, 2013

A Better Day!

After last nights whine fest I am feeling much better today! I took a vacation day off work, I got my face on using Rockeresque's Amazing Colors (seen below) and my husband is home with me. Why is he home? Well, he basically got laid off, but that's ok. We're together and we've got amazing things going to happen for us! I'm not worried... yet! :)

I really feel a new surge of motivation after last night. I know I need to keep working hard to change my habits for the better and to keep plugging away so that someday someone WILL ask me to model something (I'm not talking about the yearn to be a runway model, I just want to do something fun where anyone says "Hey you're beautiful and I like your style may I shoot some photographs of you to use in my portfolio?!" That's all, haha).  Again, I'm at home and I don't even feel the need/want to go stuff my face with anything, that's a great accomplishment in itself.

I've read where people have life motto's. I have several but the one that is applicable to my weight loss journey is "Remember Why You're Doing This". That really gets me going! And just why? When I want to eat something that I know I shouldn't I remember the motto and remember my goals and how my goals make me feel as opposed to how eating that naughty thing makes me feel. It may sound funny but it really seriously works. I recommend everyone getting their own motto, one that makes THEM remember why they are doing it! While my husband was at his job today basically clearing his stuff out I got my wedding dress (stuffed in a space bag in our closet) out and wanted to hang it up in our spare bedroom. I was always in love with my wedding dress and tried to sell it but when no one bought it I was secretly happy because I love it (even though I'll never need it again, ugh, material attachments will be the death of me!), but anyway I got curious to see how it fit, almost 4 years later. I don't recall my weight back then ( I should do some digging and find out) but I know it was heavier than I am now. I put it on and it's amazing how loose it felt! I do remember how TIGHT it was, I actually liked that back then because it felt like the dress was sucking everything in but it felt amazing today. I was very happy but then was sad because I just wanted to parade around in it the rest of the day. Here's a shot of me almost 4 years ago and the dress. Notice how big my face looks (hello double chin!):

 (look at my beautiful brides maids!!)

Just from the photos I've posted of my eyes lately you can see I'm a lot slimmer now than I was. *Sigh* I KNOW when I get to my goal weight I'm going to want a new wedding day! haha

Ok everyone, over and out for today. Tomorrow is weigh day and I can't WEIGHT to see the results :) 

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