Saturday, February 16, 2013

A set back is not always a set back

Well Kids, if anyone is following you'll know that earlier in the week I posted a post on how great I was doing and how wonderful life is etc and I couldn't wait for Saturday's weigh day right? WRONG! Apparently the magical fat fairy deposited 3.4 lbs into my bank last night? WHAT?! I know, I'm just as stunned as you are and I have no explination. When I gain I usually think back to what I ate this week but since I keep a log I'm able to look at everything and everything was tracked and accounted for?! I'm at a loss for words. One pound would of been ok 2 would of been devastating so I can't explain how I feel about almost 4 pounds. I must admit this seems to be a pattern for me though. I will be doing really well and then I will slip just a little (I DID NOT slip at all this week though!) and then I will gain a few pounds and be lackadaisical  about tracking and eating properly and then I'm back to the same rut I was in a few months ago and so on and so on but THIS time I'm not going to do that! I'm going to work even harder and making my dreams become a reality.

The title is very fitting for today because even though I had this set back great things happened this week in the weight challenge. I was able to resist going out as a "celebration" and did not use food to celebrate. This is one very large mark in the accomplishments field. Then, yesterday, I got the idea to go shopping because I knew there would be a sale for after V-Day, and there was, and I grabbed several different sizes while trying things on: Size 24 pant was my normal size, then most recently I fit into a 20, it was snug but I still wore it. Lately It's been a VERY comfortable 20 and all my 24's are extremely baggy and loose and blah THEN yesterday while grabbing a haul before going to the dressing room I found a SUPER cute pair of slacks that they only had an 18 or 26, obvi. the 26 was way too big and the 18 was too small but for fun I grabbed the 18 anyway to just see what would happen. I put my feet in and started to pull them up and thought oh yeah this is never going to happen and almost stopped but I didn't, I kept going and low in behold I was actually able to button, zip up and breathe in the pants! Yes, they were tight (especially in the thigh area) but by golly I actually fit into them! I was so happy. Another thing that happened I found several shirts in a size 20 or 22 or even 18/20 that fit perfectly and got them. Bye Bye size 24/3x! So, even though  gained tat ungodly amount and it's but me further away from my goal I have recouped for it in other weighs (pun intended), Inches!

Speaking of, last night was my last dose of No Diet and I'm curious to see what happens (if anything) in the upcoming weeks. The total inches I lost from calf, thigh, tummy and waist was 7.75!!! Hooray! That's amazing, in just over a month and a half. Pretty cool, I will not be buying more but I'm glad it gave me a kick start I needed.

So, again, even though there wasn't weight loss this week I still have several other accomplishments, Ohh, now that I think about it my monthly Exclamation is coming up because I just felt I have a pimple (a tell tale sign that her grace will be joining me for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week) so maybe that's why the gain?!) IN ANY EVENT, I promise anyone who is reading that I will stay on course and continue to eat healthy and track my points and get in the exercise (which is the part I struggle with the most and need to set a goal soon) so I can loose these 3.4 lbs next week and be able to report back with exceptional news!

Happy losing my friends.


  1. Don't get discouraged...You're doing awesome!!! You will have a great week -- I know it!!! Set backs are sometimes what you need to push you even harder (as twisted as that seems! lol)

    xoxoxooxox Love that we are in this journey together! ;)

    GO US!!

  2. I always seem to retain water around my " dooms day" time. That could be what it was.