Saturday, February 2, 2013

A week (ok, a few days) of being sick. What's the result?

This week started off great! I was still on track with my weight watchers and then *dun, dun, dunnnnnn* it hit! I got the COLD. Stuffed up, runny nose, massive pressure headache, etc. BLAH. I NEVER come home sick from work (I mean never. in three years this is my first "sick" day, I did leave early ONCE when I was pregnant but that was it!) but I left at 10 on Wednesday and then Thursday I left at 3:30. Thursday was the worst. I had a huge migraine and the rustling of papers was literally enough to set me off, it was so bad it was making me queasy. ANYWAY, why am I sharing this? Because this is a blog bout food and my addiction, well when I'm at home what am I around? FOOD! Though we had little in the house I'm like a freaking hound dog sniffing at anything I can quickly pop in my mouth. I was quite glad I didn't have any snacking items. I ended up having a small plate of chips with cheese melted and *hangs head low*dipped my finger in the thing of cake frosting that lurks in the back of the fridge, I know, that's horrible but that's a day in my life. I was very proud I hd a spoon in my hand to get a good scoop of the frosting but I stopped and said this is ridiculous, put the spoon back and went and took a bath and then a nap. So, even though I faltered a little bit it was no where near what has happened in the past and I was able to tell myself to stop, which is a huge step for me. I know there have to be skinny people reading this thinking "what is her problem?" But food is an addiction, just like drugs or alcohol or smoking so if you're not addicted to anything you just don't know how it is :(

It's Saturday (weigh day) and I'm still stuffed up, ears plugged but that's ok! I stuck to WW the rest of the week and dragged my butt upstairs to get on my elliptical 3 times and the result?

Lost 2 pounds!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Also lost 2.5 inches!!!!  This is the lowest weight I've been at now and I've finally broken through that damn plateau I had at the end of 2012 (for the last 4 months I should say!). Anyone who struggles with weight knows the hardships of hitting a plateau. You hit one weight and then next week you're up two lbs then week after that you're down 1 and then week after that you're up 1, back and fourth. I hear ten pounds is easy to lose and then you hit a plateau and then once you're able to get past that the next 10 is easy to lose and then the plateau so I expect to run into more bumps but the important thing is I expect to over come them and continue on my correct path in life.

Some people may think that 2 pounds is nothing but it really is. Anyone who does those fad diets and shed all their weight in the first month are the most likely to gain it all back. Since I'm learning as I'm losing I'm the most likely to keep the weight off. Slow and steady, these are pounds that I've carried around all my life so it's days like these that are really great. Any loss is a loss even if it's as small as .5!

Not only did I lose weight this week but I also sat down and did the monthly budget (which usually means "how much money did we end up pulling from savings to get by this month?"). I was pleasantly surprised! One of our biggest faults is we LOVE to eat out. It's just our (me and Danial's) thing. We like great food. So in December I said we are going to try something and that is NO GOING OUT the entire month of January, he agreed to it and we actually did it! We technically went out three times, 2 we went to Subway but used points on my card so both times was free and the third time I had a $50 gift card to Chili's so we used that and added $2 for a tip since the card didn't quite make 20% so in the end we spent $2 on going out! That is an AWESOME achievement from the $100PLUS that we usually spend. Also, we only spent just over $200 on groceries! Usually we spent $400 plus. I saw something on Pintrest where a mom of 4 spends $200, the secret is shopping every two weeks and not every week. It worked so we are going to try our best to stick with that. I'd love to not eat out at all but I think we can allow ourselves one meal out, we just must be careful to not get crazy. This will be our challenge for February.

Work is hectic as I am growing tired of the politics and boredom it brings, but I did have a great week with my design and printing though! Made a logo for a past client and got them some business cards and that is always something to be happy about. Also, if you readers haven't noticed I've been posting a lot of make-up related items on my Facebook lately. I became part of the street team for Rockeresque Beauty Company where I promote how awesome their company and products are so I'm sorry if you're feeling over-whelemed by me posting my own pictures of my makeup but... deal with it, haha.

In closing, two weeks ago I said when I lose the next 10 pounds I'm going to have one of my jackets altered. See, I have three jackets (these are work jackets- think blazers, that I wear over another shirt). One red one I have most recently been able to fit in, i had bought it about 4 years ago and it was sooo cute but about one size too small so I've never been able to wear it but not it fits like a glove. The other one I never wore because it never fit correctly but I had it altered (for $15) and she took in at leat an inch on each side and now it too fits like a glove. Then this black jacket I have which Danial picked out for me several years ago I love and I've almost worn the button string out on it but it is so HUGE on me. I LOVE THAT! It needs to have AT LEAST 2 inches taken in on each side! So, my reward for getting to the next major turning point is getting that jacket altered to achieve a perfect fit. Can't wait. Sounds so funny but I'm looking forward to it. Another thing I noticed are my PJ's are ill fitting. In the morning I'll wake up and they will literally be falling off because they are so BIG. It's a great feeling. Gotta start saving up my money so I can buy new clothes down the road! I think that and losing my hips (so I have a place to rest my hands, haha) are the only two down falls to losing weight, but hell, I'll take that any day!  I will work on getting some photos but together next week. I'm so self conscious about my body that I wouldn't want Danial to take them but I may just have to suck it up and do it!

In closing it was a great week and I can only pray and work hard to be able to deliver great news next Saturday. See you then!

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