Sunday, February 24, 2013

First real photos of me now!

Ok, so I've totally put these off because I HATE having photos taken of me because I have this image in my head of a beached whale. I had my mom take these and as she was taking them I was gritting my teeth in my head. After I saw them I was actually pleasantly surprised. I'm not as huge as I think I am! I did not suck in my gut at all (which is actually like second nature to me these days) because I want these to be a true testament of the challenge I am going to do. I used to have a considerable mid section that I hated but you can actually barely see it! I think the biggest part of me I hate (beside my huge tummy) are my arms. UGH! SO much loose skin and flab it's gross but, again, wanted it to all hang out for these photos.  My great friend Juli sent me a great kit from Body by Vi and I am quite excited to start this tomorrow, Monday, so I knew I had to get these pics taken so I can see the results, if any, in 90 days! ok here it goes....

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  1. GREAT PICS!!!! I can't wait to see your transformation!!!!! :D