Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still going strong

Well, if anyone read last weeks post I gained almost 4 lbs. Very sad but I had promised to continue to do well, even though I followed my Weight Watchers program to a T I had still gained those pounds. Of COURSE I was sad and depressed about it but I knew I could not fall into the same old rut so I forged on. Both my husband and I got new jobs and his started this week. His new schedule is 8-6 so it's quite an adjustment for us plus since I am no longer taking the liquid protein I don't have to stay up 3 hours after I last ate so we have been going to be pretty early which means this whole week I did not use my elliptical. Regardless.... I still lost 3.2 lbs this week! YAY! So I lost last weeks weight plus .2! I'm officially now, again, at my lowest weight. :)

There was also some great things that happened this week too! First of all, at my current job one of the agents just got back from a year long mission and when I saw him back at work he said I looked to great and had lost so much weight. Of course the last time I saw him I was at my heaviest and still pregnant but it still feels great when someone you haven't seen in a long time says how great you look!

Lastly, I had bought two pencil skirts last week when I was shopping and I have never worn a pencil skirt before because they are not flattering on my body type. When I tried them on I didn't hate it, so I got two different kinds. Well, I wore one on Friday and even though I was self conscious I felt great. I asked my husband if I looked stupid and normally when faced with this question he'd say no dear you look fine (he's a smart guy haha) but he actually said "No. I think you look quite sexy." so that was great. He never gives me compliments on how I look usually because he just isn't a verbal kind of guy, so it was great that he finally said something other than you look great or you look cute.

Anywhoo, still on my way. Long and slow but I'll get there. I am more motivated this week because I'm still 7 lbs away from losing a total of 10 more lbs so I can get my jacket altered (that was my goal a few weeks ago and the altering of my jacket was my reward).

I have one more week left at Coldwell and then I'm on to my new adventure at a new job. I hope I am as prosperous there as I was at Coldwell. last week I won a challenge for Rockeresque so that was nice to know my hard work as part of their street team was paying off. I ordered a large event kit from them so here in the next few weeks I'll have a lot of samples if any of you ladies are interested in trying some awesome makeup before buying full size I'll let you know when I get it.

Ok ya'll I'll See you next week!

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