Saturday, March 16, 2013

Still Going

I haven't blogged in the past two weeks things have been hectic. I'm only able to now because it's frigen 6 in the morning on Saturday and I was wide awake at 5:30, no going back to sleep so I figured I'd get up and get this written!

Three weeks ago I left my job of 3 years to pursue another job so my last week at my old job everyone wanted to take me to lunch, the last day they bought MASSIVE amounts of pizza and cake so my husband and I ate pizza and cake for the next few days. Then, last week my son brought home a bug from daycare on a Thursday and he felt so icky we had to have grandma watch him Friday until 12 and then I left work early to be with him.... a day later and we ALL GOT SICK! My husband and I, on Sunday, were trading who was watching the baby while the other was in the bathroom. :| It was not pretty.

My friend sent me a Body by VI kit because she's so sweet so I have been on that the past 3 weeks. I'll admit, I'm not a fan. It's either that or the craziness the past few weeks but I'm not losing like I did on Weight Watchers. I've only lost about 2 lbs in the past 3 weeks (the week I left my job I gained I think about 1 lb from a that crap eating) so slowly but surly I'm at least still losing!

As of today I'm at the lowest I can EVER remember being and it's not even that low :| I will continue on with the Body by Vi until the shake mix is gone, work my butt off and see what the end results are. A childhood friend of mine recently got the gastric bypass surgery. I've, many a time, thought about getting this. About 10 years ago I asked my doctor and she said she thought I'd be an excellent candidate and referred me to the surgeon who does it and he gave me a packet to read. My mom had said something about it and stubborn me got mad and threw the packet away and never looked back. I'll be honest, when people tell me they got some sort of weight loss surgery I always think "I bet they didn't try very hard to loose weight" and I really have no idea about them but me, I know I'm trying. It's been over a year since I started this journey and things are slowing down. Somedays I'm hopeful that I'll get to my goal in the next two years and other days I'm so depressed about it. What are your thoughts on a weight loss surgery? My biggest fear with that is literally learning how to eat/live again all over. I don't mind the healthy eating because I do that now so I guess I'd learn to live with the changes. At this point, I want to be healthy for my son and my husband. I want to live a nice long life so I can see my son do all the things I got to do and to watch him grow.

Anywhoo, that's the updates kids. I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and great health! :)