Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shaking things up with a new milestone!

Another few weeks have past, isn't it funny how we all say we are going to blog religiously and then as time goes on we get less and less gung ho about it! I full well mean to but then I hear the toddler crying, awake from his slumber and it has to be put off for a while.

The last time I blogged I was going to start the Body by Vi Challenge and was excited to see the results. And what were they you ask? SUCKY! I actually gained a lb and it just wasn't good. The shakes were not for me. I did it for two weeks and saw little to no results. I continued to drink the shakes just for breakfast and then did my normal Weight Watcher routine and the first week of that I lost a lb. So that was good. It seems whenever I try to to new things to concur my weight loss I have a set back and when I get back on track with Weight Watchers things go well.

At my work my broker is always saying how she is going to weigh in and so one day I asked her how it was going and after a few minutes of chatter between the two of us she said we should start a weight loss challenge at work and I thought that was a great idea so we formulated a plan and have officially gotten past one week! We are going until the end of May (the 31st) and there will be two chances to win: Whomever lost the most weight and whomever lost the most Percentage of their weight. It was $10 to buy in and then you set a goal for the week. If you do not meet your goal you have to pay $1 for every lb you were shy and then a $1 for each pound you gain. So far I am in second to last place (last place gained .2), I lost 3.4lbs! That is amazing for me and I was so happy with it! Everyone else who is doing this has not been dieting for a year and a half and so I know some of them will taper off so I'm sticking with slow and steady wins the race.

My new co-worker used to be the nutritional coach for a local organic store and she said if I wanted to win I should try the Paleo Diet. So, basically no breads, grains or sugars (obvi no processed stuff either) so I did it and that was the result. I'm going to do it this upcoming week as well and see how the results are, last week I was stricken with a stomach bug where I was pooping like every 5 minutes until Wednesday so I'm curious if my loss was from that or all the fruit and veg I ate? We'll see! Once again, I'm excited to see what happens. FOr work our weigh in's are Friday Mornings and I normally weigh in on Saturday so I am still weighing in on Saturday and my "official" loss for the week was 4.6 lbs!!!!! AMAZING and guess what? That put me at an official 70 lost since the second week in January 2012! WOOHOO!!! It's wonderful how great I feel about that. I feel "sexier" and I went clothes shopping and picked up clothes in a 2x (I used to be a tight 3x) and 20 and they fit! It put a smile to my face that I left the dressing room happy!

Well, that's where I'm at. I'm going to continue to do the Paleo dist and see what happens Friday and Saturday and hopefully it will be a few more pounds lost to my goal. At the end of this work challenge I'm going to post more photos as well and compare the last round I took! :)

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