Saturday, June 22, 2013


SSDD stands for Same Shit Different Day! My body just hates me. I gained a pound this week, depressing since this always happens (seriously, read my past blogs), I do really great and I'm super motivated and then the next week I gain and have no idea why. BUT, there is still good to be had. I finally broke down and got my ring resized! It was, I thought, a 9 before and it was so loose if I shook my hand it would near fall off (it would fall off if I didn't stop shaking!) and I went down to a 8! The guy said it was almost a 9.5 so that's like a size and half! Also, I calculated my BMI and I'm a whole 10 points down from where I first started. I also had my blood pressure randomly checked at my eye appointment the other day (yeah, don't ask me) and it was absolutely normal where it used to be really high! It was actually even better than my mom's normally is and she's skinny. Lastly, my clothes, namely my pants, are literally falling off me. I had to wear a belt the other day because I knew I'd get sick of having to pull my shorts up and one of my two belts was actually unusable because I ran out of smaller holes, I told my husband he needed to drill more for me, that's a first. I was at the Tuachan Saturday Market today and was running (yes running) back to our spot and had to hold my shorts with one hand while running because they were going to fall off me! It's a great feeling. So even though I gained one dumb pound I'm feel great about myself. I'm noticing other things too like my thighs aren't as big  and I basically have no hips left (I used to pretty much be able to slide my hand between my hip roll {I know this is sick, I'm sorry} and there is no roll left to do that!

Going to continue to stay motivated, hoping that in 2 weeks (when my husband gets his job back in town and is able to big up our son after work) we can join the gym and start exercising! I'll keep on keeping on!

Monday, June 17, 2013

I am Inspiration!

So it's only Monday and I must say how great I feel! I'm actually letting it sink in that I've lost 70 lbs. That is amazing. To me though it's not THAT amazing, I'm still fat and it's hard for me to see how far I've come. I was helping a friend out today with things she could eat for breakfast that would keep he full and it as great knowing (hoping) that I helped her. I had a short moment about a year ago where I wanted to be a nutritionist but I think I want to just help people know they can get through the weight barriers.

The next step in life is getting to the gym. I've tried doing workouts at home and it just doesn't work. There are a million other things that need to be done before the dreaded exercise. My husband and I checked out the only gym in town, Anytime Fitness, and it, like all gyms, is pretty expensive (about $60 for both of us to go a month). In retrospect though we budget $100 for eating out every month if we whittle that down we can easily afford to do this healthy thing AND cut out the biggest non-healthy thing in our lives right now. My mini goal for the rest of June is to not eat out since I'm pretty sure we've already spent well over $40 on that :| Then for the month of July see if we are able to get y on $40 for eating out. Oy Vey. I love a challenge!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Re-Focused and back on track!

My last post last week was about me getting back on track and setting my goals, which in retrospect aren't really that great but I'm trying. I tracked my food all week (what you're supposed to do with weight watchers) and thought of the goals when I wanted to eat terribly. Here we are, a week later and the results? Lost 2.8 lbs putting me at an even 261! Lowest I've been since I can't remember when. May I just say it's a huge step for me in actually typing my weight here. Seriously. It's a disgusting number but I'm working on changing it for good!

Though I worked hard to stay focused I Still "slipped up" twice that I can think of. My husband and I bought sweets (he a sugar cookie, me a brownie) from The Sugar Cookie in St. George one lunch day and then yesterday even though I'd packed a lunch (naughty us) we went and shared a pastrami sandwich which if you think about it isn't terrible, it had sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers and onions on it. Worst part was the cheese and the hoagie roll it came on and I probably had a handful of fries BUT I still added everything t my points and last night was only over by 1 point (do you know how Weight Watchers works? All food is given a point value and depending on your weight and other factors you are given a daily point allowance), so not too terribly bad.

We bought a pool last weekend and though I only got once chance at "working out" I am excited to use it as such in the future. One of my pals 1is also trying to re-focus her efforts into Weight Watchers and I told her I was going to lose 2 lbs this week so I feel quit1e proud that I made it!  1If I lose1 another 2 next week I'll be able to get my mini goal reward of altering my jacket! Can't wait.

Until next week.......

Monday, June 10, 2013

Call me Mrs. Duncan!

Wasn't it the Duncan yo yo's? Seriously folks, this is what I do, yo yo! I over come a plateau and I struggle with and then when I get down about 10 lbs I struggle again and I maintain my weight for a few months and then I get the dedication and will power to get down another, so here I am, once again, at a plateau. I haven't blogged in a while and I feel that may be contributing to my downfall. Writing to no one actually makes me want to do better!

I lost the work weight loss challenge but I was in second place for the most weight lost and I'm super pissed because I should of been in first place and blowing by everyone. I tried to not be down about it and I'm really not, the only thing that peeves me is I didn't have the will power and gumption to actually want to win the money, I just didn't even try! I hate that. What's wrong with me? I have a plan though. I want to lose 10 lbs for my son, 15 lbs for my husband and 10 lbs for myself. That will put me at a good spot where I will re-evaluate my goals and how to achieve them. 2 pounds at a time I know I will someday make myself be the image I have in my head. I don't want sickly thin, I want healthy.

A lot of my pals will see me and say how great I look but when I look in the mirror all I see is some huge beast. I will look back at old photos and I can see a minimal change but nothing to write home about. I want to see a drastic change, I want to be happy with me. I don't want to have days where I hate myself and want to stay at home in bed because I am just unhappy with the way I look. Today, I must be re-motivated. I still haven't hit that 10 lb loss where I would alter one of my jackets so I'm making a blog promise to blog every Saturday of the events of the week and get to 259 (holy crap I just told you my weight for the first time, big mile stone here) so I can get my jacket altered, this is my first hurdle of the month. I know I can do this. Let's go!