Monday, June 10, 2013

Call me Mrs. Duncan!

Wasn't it the Duncan yo yo's? Seriously folks, this is what I do, yo yo! I over come a plateau and I struggle with and then when I get down about 10 lbs I struggle again and I maintain my weight for a few months and then I get the dedication and will power to get down another, so here I am, once again, at a plateau. I haven't blogged in a while and I feel that may be contributing to my downfall. Writing to no one actually makes me want to do better!

I lost the work weight loss challenge but I was in second place for the most weight lost and I'm super pissed because I should of been in first place and blowing by everyone. I tried to not be down about it and I'm really not, the only thing that peeves me is I didn't have the will power and gumption to actually want to win the money, I just didn't even try! I hate that. What's wrong with me? I have a plan though. I want to lose 10 lbs for my son, 15 lbs for my husband and 10 lbs for myself. That will put me at a good spot where I will re-evaluate my goals and how to achieve them. 2 pounds at a time I know I will someday make myself be the image I have in my head. I don't want sickly thin, I want healthy.

A lot of my pals will see me and say how great I look but when I look in the mirror all I see is some huge beast. I will look back at old photos and I can see a minimal change but nothing to write home about. I want to see a drastic change, I want to be happy with me. I don't want to have days where I hate myself and want to stay at home in bed because I am just unhappy with the way I look. Today, I must be re-motivated. I still haven't hit that 10 lb loss where I would alter one of my jackets so I'm making a blog promise to blog every Saturday of the events of the week and get to 259 (holy crap I just told you my weight for the first time, big mile stone here) so I can get my jacket altered, this is my first hurdle of the month. I know I can do this. Let's go!

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