Saturday, June 15, 2013

Re-Focused and back on track!

My last post last week was about me getting back on track and setting my goals, which in retrospect aren't really that great but I'm trying. I tracked my food all week (what you're supposed to do with weight watchers) and thought of the goals when I wanted to eat terribly. Here we are, a week later and the results? Lost 2.8 lbs putting me at an even 261! Lowest I've been since I can't remember when. May I just say it's a huge step for me in actually typing my weight here. Seriously. It's a disgusting number but I'm working on changing it for good!

Though I worked hard to stay focused I Still "slipped up" twice that I can think of. My husband and I bought sweets (he a sugar cookie, me a brownie) from The Sugar Cookie in St. George one lunch day and then yesterday even though I'd packed a lunch (naughty us) we went and shared a pastrami sandwich which if you think about it isn't terrible, it had sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers and onions on it. Worst part was the cheese and the hoagie roll it came on and I probably had a handful of fries BUT I still added everything t my points and last night was only over by 1 point (do you know how Weight Watchers works? All food is given a point value and depending on your weight and other factors you are given a daily point allowance), so not too terribly bad.

We bought a pool last weekend and though I only got once chance at "working out" I am excited to use it as such in the future. One of my pals 1is also trying to re-focus her efforts into Weight Watchers and I told her I was going to lose 2 lbs this week so I feel quit1e proud that I made it!  1If I lose1 another 2 next week I'll be able to get my mini goal reward of altering my jacket! Can't wait.

Until next week.......

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