Saturday, June 22, 2013


SSDD stands for Same Shit Different Day! My body just hates me. I gained a pound this week, depressing since this always happens (seriously, read my past blogs), I do really great and I'm super motivated and then the next week I gain and have no idea why. BUT, there is still good to be had. I finally broke down and got my ring resized! It was, I thought, a 9 before and it was so loose if I shook my hand it would near fall off (it would fall off if I didn't stop shaking!) and I went down to a 8! The guy said it was almost a 9.5 so that's like a size and half! Also, I calculated my BMI and I'm a whole 10 points down from where I first started. I also had my blood pressure randomly checked at my eye appointment the other day (yeah, don't ask me) and it was absolutely normal where it used to be really high! It was actually even better than my mom's normally is and she's skinny. Lastly, my clothes, namely my pants, are literally falling off me. I had to wear a belt the other day because I knew I'd get sick of having to pull my shorts up and one of my two belts was actually unusable because I ran out of smaller holes, I told my husband he needed to drill more for me, that's a first. I was at the Tuachan Saturday Market today and was running (yes running) back to our spot and had to hold my shorts with one hand while running because they were going to fall off me! It's a great feeling. So even though I gained one dumb pound I'm feel great about myself. I'm noticing other things too like my thighs aren't as big  and I basically have no hips left (I used to pretty much be able to slide my hand between my hip roll {I know this is sick, I'm sorry} and there is no roll left to do that!

Going to continue to stay motivated, hoping that in 2 weeks (when my husband gets his job back in town and is able to big up our son after work) we can join the gym and start exercising! I'll keep on keeping on!

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