Friday, August 23, 2013

First ever OOTD post!

It's Friday, woohoo, and It's not even 9 am yet, still a long day to go. :( I am feeling more and more confidant each day. I am not tracking my weight watcher points but I am not stuffing my face either. I am curious to see what happens tomorrow for weigh in. I had made a goal a few months ago that the next 10 lbs I lost I'd have one of my jacket blazers altered and I have yet to hit that 259 mark. That is depressing BUT I told myself last week that if I lost any weight this week I'd take that damn jacket in and go on with it. I miss wearing it and hell I should be happy I'm needing to have it altered at all. It's extremely wayyyy too huge. Like two sizes too huge, Yay for me!

I felt very confident and sexy in the outfit below and knew I wanted to post it online! I wore this Wednesday and I felt great. I got several compliments on how great I looked so here is my first ever Outfit Of The Day post:

I made my mom snap this picture as I was picking my son up at her house after work and the wind was blustery so I look a tad silly in the first photo but I still think I look great. "Very Fashionable" as one gal said! The top is my first ever thrifted piece, the skirt and flats are Lane Bryant and the necklace was a gift from an agent at work but she purchased it from Cookie Lee two Christmases' ago. I must say, I heart the pencil skirts. Whoda thunk? The last photo I posted was me in the pencil skirt at the work function. I love them.

I've been getting bolder while around my husband as far as being naked and weirded out with him looking at me. I know, how silly does it sound that I don't want him to look at me naked. I can't help it. I never thought being fat was something great I'm not saying it is but being comfortable in your skin IS, regardless of size) so I never thought anyone else would find me attractive but I'm slowly learning that there are folks out there that find the curvy girl MORE attractive and MORE beautiful than those ideals that have been forced on me for my entire life (fat is ugly. fat is repulsive. fat is gross. no one wants a fat woman. skinny skinny skinny!). I'm starting small, not wearing pj pants, just undies at night! :) I know, shocking!!!!

Anywhoo, that's all I've got for now. Thanks anyone who may be following! :D


  1. Feeling beautiful is defiantly a challenge. Even if you are told you are beautiful, its something you have to own as you. I proud of you for owning it. You are beautiful and I know "The Man" thinks you are beautiful too. It saddens me that the world has made everyone ashamed of their bodies, so much so that as someone who loves being naked and has never told my kids to get dressed or put on clothes my 10 year old hates it when I am naked. I was joking that I wanted to eat pomegranates naked (what they stain everything) she told me she would punch me in the face if I did. WOW!! I know she wouldn't but the mere fact she is so repulsed by the though of nudity makes me sad. I LOVE YOU! OWN IT BABY!!

    1. Thanks Cherie. It' tragic that we women don't feel strong and beautiful and confident in our own skin and when we do it's not allowed! Walk around naked just to spite that OLD fun hog 10 year old! :)