Saturday, September 28, 2013

Official Pole Dancer!

Ok, Yes. I said Pole Dancer! I got an online deal for a Pole Dancing party with you and your closest friends and I bought a voucher! There were three of us in total that attended and it DID NOT disappoint! Now, you're probably thinking "POLE DANCING?! Did she get another job we didn't know about?" I think the word Pole Dancing has a bad connotation to it so I prefer to call it pole aerobics. We started with just some basic moves. My bestie said she had a blast but wished we focused more on the basics and I totally agree but I am taking this for what it was... an introduction overview of the things you'd learn more on in the class! It made me want to go back for more, my gals too. The instructor was fabulous. A cute gal named Annie runs Southern Utah Pole Dancer is the instructor and I assume owner. She was very kind to us bumbling first timers and patient. We learned several moves that I'd NEVER be able to recall the names of the moves to you but could describe them.

Basically I was so stoked about this to be able to step outside my usual boring day to day routine and do something fun and that provided great exercise. My only regret is I wish I would of taken a video of the one combination I felt comfortable with so maybe next time! :) Below is a photo of my and one of y friends and the other is with the badass instructor hanging above me! Check this place out St. George ladies. I'd love to go with anyone Saturday at 7pm!

OLE! haha

In other news, Did I blog about my loss last week? I'm pretty sure I did but here it is again: I lost 4 lbs last week which was a great but knowing myself and not going to get excited and following suite I didn't even lost a lb this week, it was like .6 (if you've read my earlier posts, can you see a pattern here?!). I must figure a way to fix this. Maybe switching up what I have for lunch? So for the past two weeks for breakfast I have 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and a cup of OJ, this all totals about 5 points. Then, for breakfast I'll have: 
3 point- yogurt
1 point- 4 olives
1 point- olive oil dressing
1 point- slice of cheese OR turkey
0 point- Lettuce
0 point- apple
Total: 6 points
Then dinner wasn't too great this week meaning there was a lot of free eating (like eating a Quesadilla one night coz I didn't want to cook) but still came in under points. I'm allotted like 31 points. Anyway. I think the common denominator is exercise. I've literally lost what I have lost so far just from eating so if I incorporate exercise I'm bound to be set up for success. Enter: BICYCLE! My husband and I are now proud owners of Specialized brand bikes. I will blog about the bike experience in another post but again, steping out of my comfort zone. We got the baby trailer and everything. I'm going to set my goal as getting out at least once a day to ride even if just for 5 minutes. Then i a few weeks I'll push to do long like 10 minutes, etc. Let's see what happens! Who is with me?!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OOTD Shirt Dress

Here is another killer item I got from LB a few weeks ago. I initially loved this dress. Everything about it! It looked great on me and the length was perfect and it was just perfect in every spot. I only have one gripe about it: the fabric. It's got this like sheeny material that has no give to it so sometimes when I sit down or move my arms I feel like I could Hulk out and rip the material right then and there so I feel like I have to "be careful" with my movements. Other than that I still like it! I had originally wanted to wear a belt with this and just tuck the strings that originally came on this under the belt but I didn't have time to fuss this morning but again it's another dark outfit. I aim to purchase some brightly colored leggings soon so I can break up these darker outfits with some color. I LOVE the leggings that I am wearing though. They are grey and studded on the sides (can't see coz my mom was all like "how the hell do you take this picture?!" when I asked her and she was struggling and didn't get the side shot of me) and just super comfortable and adorable I think. I feel like a rocker in this dress, like with the Old Navy stripped dress. I wore dark makeup and glitter (another new love)  so it's very smokey/nightish I think. Still love it though.  I think I'll keep the dress, I can't give it up because the fabric. I'd love to wear it legging-less but again, the fabric super rides up and I'd basically be sitting on a bare ass when I sat down so the leggings are sort of necessary!

I wore with the necklace my husband gave me for Valentines day. It's a "devil" ruby. Now we know what he thinks of me!
And my makeup:

Whipple, OUT!

Monday, September 23, 2013


I recently dropped some *coughmoneycough* at the Pound store (Lane Bryant aka LB aka the pound store) and I can't even begin to tell you how damn excited I was that day! Usually, at my pre-weight, I would really look forward to going clothes shopping but would leave any store miserable and wanting to die because it was just so horrible. Nothing would fit, I looked like crap, I hated my life, blah blah blah. A few store visits ago I got great news... I was now in a size 18/20 as opposed to my usual heavy side of 22/24!!!! Oh happy day!!!! It wasn't even like I was trying to stuff myself into this size I had just tried on something in a 22/24 and thought "this would be cute IF it were a size smaller" and then had to stop myself and "WHAT?!" yeah, a size smaller, so smaller I went.

Anywhoo, at my latest haul at LB I got a hoard of stuff, a lot of it fall items, that I just love! I'd try something on and love it, I'd try something else on and love it. This happened at my most recent visit to Old Navy that I posted about. I'm seriously becoming the clothes horse I've always wanted to be. In this trip I got this peplum top. I had seen it online and thought that I wanted to try it but that it would make me look like a whale and would probably be quite unflattering. Tried it on. Loved it. Got it home. Still loved it (I have a bad habit of buying stuff and then trying it on again at home and hating it. There were some items I got this trip to LB that will be going back as well). Without further ado, my first peplum top. Paired with? You guessed it! My black pencil skirt (love that thing!) also from Lane Bryant from the beginning of the year.

I think it looks pretty professional but not too stuffy. I work in a business casual office and I look better than most of the Agents that work there.

On another note, I got back to my Weight Watcher tracking last week and when I weighed in on Saturday I had lost an even 4 lbs so that's exciting. Trying not to get too excited because we all know how this will turn out, right? :) Positive thoughts everyone. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

OOTD Old Navy Dress

Here is a look from earlier this week. Like I mentioned in my last post since I've lost about 60 lbs I actually fit into a size 18/20. I used to be on the almost-26 side of 24 so this is so fabulous I can't even being to tell you. I'm actually finding my credit card hard to pay off this month (sorry husband) because I have spent about $500 in clothes because I tried items on and loved them. It fit so I bought it and the next item fit and looked great so I bought it and so on and so on. I went into Old Navy the other day to scour the clearance racks for my son and I decided to see what sizes they had in the ladies department and to my sadness they still only had up to a XXL. I said to myself, "what the hell? try it on". I felt a ting of sadness because I'm used to needing a XXXL but I grabbed a dress anyway and went into the dressing room. I didn't unzip the back but as I started to pull the dress over my head again thought "This is pointless. It's not going to fit!" but I continued on anyway and guess what? It fit like a fucking glove and I looked in the mirror and thought "holy shit I love this dress and I look killer in it!" I really don't think I've ever looked in a fitting room mirror and thought that to myself. Then I went back and grabbed some more items and hit the dressing room again and this time... they still fit! And looked great!!!! I was with my husband and his kids so I didn't want to spend all day in there, even though I really could of, so I got the original pink dress I tried on and then found the same style dress but in a black and white stripe that I couldn't say no to so I got it too.

It nips in perfectly at the waist and flares out in the skirt. It has a thick strapped top but I still paired it with a cardigan because I was attending an owners meeting at work and felt more appropriate in the cardi. I wore my ankle booties and a black studded belt I had recently got from Lane Bryant, also I wore my Lolita necklace (which you can't see), well, my fake Lolita necklace. I'm sort of a cheap ass when it comes to most items like the original Lolita necklace that cost $30 pre-shipping, so I found one on eBay for literally $5 & FREE shipping! What have I determined from these photos? My mother is a horrible photographer and I still love this dress. In retrospect the next time I wear this dress I will switch the belt with a pinkish/coraly one I also got from LB just to give it some color, will prob. also wear some flats instead of the booties and a brighter colored necklace just to give it more color. I didn't even realize it was all black! Leave it to the fat girl to wear all black! :)

Dress: Old Navy. Belt: Lane Bryant

Cardigan: WalMart ( I know, right) I added a different snap closure.

Booties: The Cow Barn... er... I mean the Dress Barn.

And here is what the Lolita Necklace looks like:
All in all I love this outfit. It's a little punk rocker the way I accessorized but I can make it cutesy too. I'm excited to see what else I can do with this :D

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ok, I know I know. I think the average American blogger starts strong and then halfway through the year poops out and blog's like once every few months. I am making it a point to NOT be the average American blogger. Even though at this point I probably have about -2 readers I am going to turn this blog around and make it great! I want to be one of those blogs that people seek out and follow on Bloglovin and the person who is overwhelmed by the positive comments I get so I'm doing a re-direct! This is somewhat of an inside work joke with someone who no longer ever works at my company but basically, turning the attention to something else! I started this blog to follow my journey through weightloss, which I still plan to document, but I also want to focus on other daily stuff. I believe I posted about this one of the last two times I blogged, it was about that black pencil skirt that I love so much. So, this is me starting this.. again. But sticking to my guns!

I need to get back on my weight loss wagon and I want to be somewhat of a fashionable lady, so, let's start here...

Being super hugely over weight I dreaded going into stores to shop for clothes. Of course nothing fit, I hated my life and I would grab the first thing (if there WAS anything) that semi fit and check out OR I would not get anything and walk out to the car feeling like a miserable failure in life. It's terrible to feel that way. I was so depressed because my weight was limiting me from wearing cute clothes or any clothes for that matter. This is actually going to be in another post I'm planning but I can't be too public about it yet (though since I have no readers this is not really public!) but someday I shall unveil my secret plans. Until then, I vow to blog at least once a week to go over not only my weight loss progress but any other random crap that I want to go over! :)  I hope that will keep me on my path to reach my goal of losing 60 lbs by my 30th birthday *shudder* next September 7th. I want to continue to feel the way I've been feeling in clothing so if there is anyone out there I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Wish me luck! Here we gooooooooo.....