Saturday, September 28, 2013

Official Pole Dancer!

Ok, Yes. I said Pole Dancer! I got an online deal for a Pole Dancing party with you and your closest friends and I bought a voucher! There were three of us in total that attended and it DID NOT disappoint! Now, you're probably thinking "POLE DANCING?! Did she get another job we didn't know about?" I think the word Pole Dancing has a bad connotation to it so I prefer to call it pole aerobics. We started with just some basic moves. My bestie said she had a blast but wished we focused more on the basics and I totally agree but I am taking this for what it was... an introduction overview of the things you'd learn more on in the class! It made me want to go back for more, my gals too. The instructor was fabulous. A cute gal named Annie runs Southern Utah Pole Dancer is the instructor and I assume owner. She was very kind to us bumbling first timers and patient. We learned several moves that I'd NEVER be able to recall the names of the moves to you but could describe them.

Basically I was so stoked about this to be able to step outside my usual boring day to day routine and do something fun and that provided great exercise. My only regret is I wish I would of taken a video of the one combination I felt comfortable with so maybe next time! :) Below is a photo of my and one of y friends and the other is with the badass instructor hanging above me! Check this place out St. George ladies. I'd love to go with anyone Saturday at 7pm!

OLE! haha

In other news, Did I blog about my loss last week? I'm pretty sure I did but here it is again: I lost 4 lbs last week which was a great but knowing myself and not going to get excited and following suite I didn't even lost a lb this week, it was like .6 (if you've read my earlier posts, can you see a pattern here?!). I must figure a way to fix this. Maybe switching up what I have for lunch? So for the past two weeks for breakfast I have 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and a cup of OJ, this all totals about 5 points. Then, for breakfast I'll have: 
3 point- yogurt
1 point- 4 olives
1 point- olive oil dressing
1 point- slice of cheese OR turkey
0 point- Lettuce
0 point- apple
Total: 6 points
Then dinner wasn't too great this week meaning there was a lot of free eating (like eating a Quesadilla one night coz I didn't want to cook) but still came in under points. I'm allotted like 31 points. Anyway. I think the common denominator is exercise. I've literally lost what I have lost so far just from eating so if I incorporate exercise I'm bound to be set up for success. Enter: BICYCLE! My husband and I are now proud owners of Specialized brand bikes. I will blog about the bike experience in another post but again, steping out of my comfort zone. We got the baby trailer and everything. I'm going to set my goal as getting out at least once a day to ride even if just for 5 minutes. Then i a few weeks I'll push to do long like 10 minutes, etc. Let's see what happens! Who is with me?!

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