Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OOTD Shirt Dress

Here is another killer item I got from LB a few weeks ago. I initially loved this dress. Everything about it! It looked great on me and the length was perfect and it was just perfect in every spot. I only have one gripe about it: the fabric. It's got this like sheeny material that has no give to it so sometimes when I sit down or move my arms I feel like I could Hulk out and rip the material right then and there so I feel like I have to "be careful" with my movements. Other than that I still like it! I had originally wanted to wear a belt with this and just tuck the strings that originally came on this under the belt but I didn't have time to fuss this morning but again it's another dark outfit. I aim to purchase some brightly colored leggings soon so I can break up these darker outfits with some color. I LOVE the leggings that I am wearing though. They are grey and studded on the sides (can't see coz my mom was all like "how the hell do you take this picture?!" when I asked her and she was struggling and didn't get the side shot of me) and just super comfortable and adorable I think. I feel like a rocker in this dress, like with the Old Navy stripped dress. I wore dark makeup and glitter (another new love)  so it's very smokey/nightish I think. Still love it though.  I think I'll keep the dress, I can't give it up because the fabric. I'd love to wear it legging-less but again, the fabric super rides up and I'd basically be sitting on a bare ass when I sat down so the leggings are sort of necessary!

I wore with the necklace my husband gave me for Valentines day. It's a "devil" ruby. Now we know what he thinks of me!
And my makeup:

Whipple, OUT!

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