Friday, September 20, 2013

OOTD Old Navy Dress

Here is a look from earlier this week. Like I mentioned in my last post since I've lost about 60 lbs I actually fit into a size 18/20. I used to be on the almost-26 side of 24 so this is so fabulous I can't even being to tell you. I'm actually finding my credit card hard to pay off this month (sorry husband) because I have spent about $500 in clothes because I tried items on and loved them. It fit so I bought it and the next item fit and looked great so I bought it and so on and so on. I went into Old Navy the other day to scour the clearance racks for my son and I decided to see what sizes they had in the ladies department and to my sadness they still only had up to a XXL. I said to myself, "what the hell? try it on". I felt a ting of sadness because I'm used to needing a XXXL but I grabbed a dress anyway and went into the dressing room. I didn't unzip the back but as I started to pull the dress over my head again thought "This is pointless. It's not going to fit!" but I continued on anyway and guess what? It fit like a fucking glove and I looked in the mirror and thought "holy shit I love this dress and I look killer in it!" I really don't think I've ever looked in a fitting room mirror and thought that to myself. Then I went back and grabbed some more items and hit the dressing room again and this time... they still fit! And looked great!!!! I was with my husband and his kids so I didn't want to spend all day in there, even though I really could of, so I got the original pink dress I tried on and then found the same style dress but in a black and white stripe that I couldn't say no to so I got it too.

It nips in perfectly at the waist and flares out in the skirt. It has a thick strapped top but I still paired it with a cardigan because I was attending an owners meeting at work and felt more appropriate in the cardi. I wore my ankle booties and a black studded belt I had recently got from Lane Bryant, also I wore my Lolita necklace (which you can't see), well, my fake Lolita necklace. I'm sort of a cheap ass when it comes to most items like the original Lolita necklace that cost $30 pre-shipping, so I found one on eBay for literally $5 & FREE shipping! What have I determined from these photos? My mother is a horrible photographer and I still love this dress. In retrospect the next time I wear this dress I will switch the belt with a pinkish/coraly one I also got from LB just to give it some color, will prob. also wear some flats instead of the booties and a brighter colored necklace just to give it more color. I didn't even realize it was all black! Leave it to the fat girl to wear all black! :)

Dress: Old Navy. Belt: Lane Bryant

Cardigan: WalMart ( I know, right) I added a different snap closure.

Booties: The Cow Barn... er... I mean the Dress Barn.

And here is what the Lolita Necklace looks like:
All in all I love this outfit. It's a little punk rocker the way I accessorized but I can make it cutesy too. I'm excited to see what else I can do with this :D

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