Monday, September 23, 2013


I recently dropped some *coughmoneycough* at the Pound store (Lane Bryant aka LB aka the pound store) and I can't even begin to tell you how damn excited I was that day! Usually, at my pre-weight, I would really look forward to going clothes shopping but would leave any store miserable and wanting to die because it was just so horrible. Nothing would fit, I looked like crap, I hated my life, blah blah blah. A few store visits ago I got great news... I was now in a size 18/20 as opposed to my usual heavy side of 22/24!!!! Oh happy day!!!! It wasn't even like I was trying to stuff myself into this size I had just tried on something in a 22/24 and thought "this would be cute IF it were a size smaller" and then had to stop myself and "WHAT?!" yeah, a size smaller, so smaller I went.

Anywhoo, at my latest haul at LB I got a hoard of stuff, a lot of it fall items, that I just love! I'd try something on and love it, I'd try something else on and love it. This happened at my most recent visit to Old Navy that I posted about. I'm seriously becoming the clothes horse I've always wanted to be. In this trip I got this peplum top. I had seen it online and thought that I wanted to try it but that it would make me look like a whale and would probably be quite unflattering. Tried it on. Loved it. Got it home. Still loved it (I have a bad habit of buying stuff and then trying it on again at home and hating it. There were some items I got this trip to LB that will be going back as well). Without further ado, my first peplum top. Paired with? You guessed it! My black pencil skirt (love that thing!) also from Lane Bryant from the beginning of the year.

I think it looks pretty professional but not too stuffy. I work in a business casual office and I look better than most of the Agents that work there.

On another note, I got back to my Weight Watcher tracking last week and when I weighed in on Saturday I had lost an even 4 lbs so that's exciting. Trying not to get too excited because we all know how this will turn out, right? :) Positive thoughts everyone. 

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