Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ok, I know I know. I think the average American blogger starts strong and then halfway through the year poops out and blog's like once every few months. I am making it a point to NOT be the average American blogger. Even though at this point I probably have about -2 readers I am going to turn this blog around and make it great! I want to be one of those blogs that people seek out and follow on Bloglovin and the person who is overwhelmed by the positive comments I get so I'm doing a re-direct! This is somewhat of an inside work joke with someone who no longer ever works at my company but basically, turning the attention to something else! I started this blog to follow my journey through weightloss, which I still plan to document, but I also want to focus on other daily stuff. I believe I posted about this one of the last two times I blogged, it was about that black pencil skirt that I love so much. So, this is me starting this.. again. But sticking to my guns!

I need to get back on my weight loss wagon and I want to be somewhat of a fashionable lady, so, let's start here...

Being super hugely over weight I dreaded going into stores to shop for clothes. Of course nothing fit, I hated my life and I would grab the first thing (if there WAS anything) that semi fit and check out OR I would not get anything and walk out to the car feeling like a miserable failure in life. It's terrible to feel that way. I was so depressed because my weight was limiting me from wearing cute clothes or any clothes for that matter. This is actually going to be in another post I'm planning but I can't be too public about it yet (though since I have no readers this is not really public!) but someday I shall unveil my secret plans. Until then, I vow to blog at least once a week to go over not only my weight loss progress but any other random crap that I want to go over! :)  I hope that will keep me on my path to reach my goal of losing 60 lbs by my 30th birthday *shudder* next September 7th. I want to continue to feel the way I've been feeling in clothing so if there is anyone out there I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Wish me luck! Here we gooooooooo.....

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  1. I'm with you... I need to lose weight too and have started gradually, but end up quitting. I need to keep myself focus and remember that's its what's best for my health :) Cheers!