Monday, October 14, 2013

Calorie counting VS Weight Watchers

Still going. Lost a measly .6 lbs this past week. What the hell? My dumb lady monthly thing started today (Monday) so maybe it was still that rearing its ugly head? Biked 5 out of 7 days last week, sadness I had to skip two days because it was a rainy doo doo mess outside! The no pasta/bread was somewhat easy but that didn't seem to help. Am I not eating enough? Surly I'm not over eating as I' always under on my Weight Watcher points so this weeks goal is to do a calori counter. My friend suggested I use MyFitnessPal, a free app, that helps you track calories. We'll see how this goes. Starting sucks because none of my foods are saved so I have to go in and re-enter stuff whereas my Weight Watcher Point tracker had most all my foods entered into it. Oh well, if it helps I'll do it. Can ANYONE suggest anything else?! I can't get past this pleateau and it's driving me mad because I've added some fitness to my routine and so far it doesn't seem to help at all :|

In other news, pretty sure I've found my exercise of choice! This daily biking really makes me feel good! I find myself yearning for the next ride, or another ride, soon after I catch my breath from the first one. Hoping the good weather lasts longer and I can get more rides in. I'm finally starting to feel more comforted on the seat than I was before, that really got me down, but now it's hardly a problem. Today my legs are sore after our weekend riding. We took my husbands kids in their bikes out on Saturday around town and to the park and then did two rides yesterday. Good fun, gets us all out of the house and is good for us.

So, you all know I've recently been on this clothing thing and what's so funny is the two things I'm most self conscious about are my tummy and my arms. My arms are sooooooooo f'ing flabby because that seemed to be where I lost weight first so wearing short sleeves my whole day revolves around not making sudden movements because I don't want that flab to fly, or keeping my arms close to me, as in moving closer to objects so I don't have to extend my arm out as far but I was thinking, I've bought a ton of dresses lately that have skinny shoulder straps. I just thought that was funny as I was looking through my wardrobe to try to find something to wear and all I see is dress dress dress dress etc. :)

Back to calories/weight loss, anyone have any tips? Pretty much still proud of myself for going even after these past three weeks where I've lost like .4 and .6 lbs. Marching on!

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