Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ending the Day still feeling good

Today was a fabulous day. I feel so good about the 4 lb loss, I'm ecstatic. I think the exercise and calorie counting worked in conjunction to slingshot me! I am now .4 lbs away from my lowest I have achieved yet and I KNOW, I promise, I will achieve past that this next week. My husband and I went on an over 4 mile bike ride this afternoon and it was fabulous too. I don't recall getting out of breath once! My thighs started to ache at some points from constant pedaling but, again, not that I recall did I get out of breath and this was the longest we have gone so far!

I also measured myself and have lost about 3 inches in my waist! I triple checked my numbers to make sure that was right. I've also decided to not really have a splurge weekends. I'd usually just not track on the weekends but I think it's crucial to stay on track on the weekends. Saturday went great, I was still under my caloric intake by 4 calories so whoohoo! I think by staying on the right track over the weekends will make me work that much harder during the week.

My husband was right, we made the best decision on getting these bikes and even though it's going to start cooling down I commit to getting out there and riding and challenging myself to new heights! Ok, on this positive note I'm going to bed! ;)

Whipple out.

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