Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini Goal's

Hey Kids,

I am going to say I made my last mini goal last week. My goal was to bike everyday during the week, even if it were for a small amount of time, just get out of the house and go! I did everyday except Thursday because it was like a blustery ballsack outside and there was no way I was taking myself or my son out in that, then Friday it was still pretty windy but not as bad, I had originally planned to not go but my son kept saying "ride? ride? ride? ride? ride? ride?" he's like a broken record BUT it was motivation enough to get me to go. It was good and bad. Good because I actually got out and got the much needed exercise and bad because it WAS so damn windy! I literally had to turn around after going down one street because the wind resistance was terrible and it was chilly! Anyway, the seat on the bike is STILL hurting my *ahem* lady area so the hubster and myself may go in the bike shop sometime this week to have my ass bones measured to see if I can get a more comfortable seat, still peadled on through it yesterday. My friend and I went out Wednesday last week and she was saying how in no time I'd be able to get up these little hills and it's so funny because yesterday I was in 6th great the whole time and did notice I blasted right up a hill that had rendered me breathless last time and I only went to 5th gear on the hill by our home so that was great! Usually a good portion of the ride is spent in Granny 1st gear so that's good.

The bad news? I gained a pound this past week. I know right?! I'm outraged BUT I'm thinking it's a 1 of 2 things if not both: 1: My monthly lady exclamation is hangign over my head so I'm probably all bloated and what not and 2: since I DID bike 99% of the week maybe my legs are gaining muscle? If so it will pay off in the end but I always hate seeing the scale go up when I've worked so hard.

So, as promised, here I am blogging my at-least-once-a-week-post and also setting another mini goal so I am not discouraged and brought down into the same funk I usually am after gaining and working so hard the prior week.

Not only will I bike everyday, even if just 5 minutes, but I am also cutting out the dreaded CARBS. This may or may not be permanent but I need a boost. I LOVE pasta and I LOVE delicious magical bread items so I think this will be a great challenge for me. The pasta deal is going to be toughest because we as a family eat pasta, in fact, tonight's meal that is currently in the slow cooker calls for pasta but I will scoop my meal out before I put the pasta in. I will do my very best to avoid these key items. I was going to do carbs AND sugar but figured I'd aim low because if I do  sugars I'd do processed doo doo food as well so let's take it one week at a time and see how well I do!

I bought a killer dress at Walmart of all places and I'm excited to show it off so look forward to that post late this week!

Whipple, out!

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