Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OOTD - Houndstooth

Yesterday I had posted that I got this fabulous dress from Walmart, you can see it below! I had wandered into the clothes section there  because I noticed they had some UBER cute stuff out lately but didn't have the change to stop and check sizes. That day I did and to my surprise they went up to an XXL, my new size, so I got crazy... within the time limit that I thought my husband wouldn't miss me. I picked up two sweaters that were the same but different colors, a skirt, a button down sweater and this dress. All except this dress are going back, I think. I don't know if they had plus size gals in mind when they made those other items. The skirt, while cute, was very bushy looking where the elastic met the fabric adding volume where I definitely don't need it and the zipper was cheap so I just didn't even have a second where I thought I might keep it. The 2 same sweaters I got are darling, one seemed smaller than the other and the buttons pulled something awful so you could just peek right under neath. The other, I'm actually having a mind battle inside my head weather or not to keep it. It would be a perfect piece to wear with my striped pencil skirt, and I really don't have any other tops that aren't patterned to wear with that skirt sooooo I might keep that too. We'll see how I feel in a couple days. Ok, blah blah blah, here's the dress:

My mother made me do this pose. I feel so dumb when she's taking my pic so I obliged!
 It's a fabulous Houndstooth print dress that flares just at the midsection and flows away from the body, doing wonders for my figure. It came with a thin black belt and I learned the last time from wearing a thin black belt that I look pregnant so I nixed that thing and wore this black belt that I got from Torrid years ago. I had originally put a badass thick red belt with it but alas it's WAY TOO BIG and I doubt I can ever wear it again, unless I wear it over some sort of coat. It's depressing but inspiring at the same time! Speaking of coats.... did I mention I was at Old Navy this past week? YES AGAIN! Don't judge me monkey. I had a 25% off deal and wah wah wah, they have certainly reeled me in with their unlimited supply of 20% off discounts. I tried this coat on and I COULD NOT leave the store without it. It's so dang cute! I can picture myself wearing it with some cutesy pink scarf thing (this will prob. never happen but it's a cute image in my mind ok!) and I had to get it, plus it fit like a glove and it's a pea coat. Nuff said. Here it is too:

Should of buttoned up all the way so you can see its true beauty!

It's adorable and I love it! I am really loving the things that are coming with my weight loss. Posts like these make it possible for me to keep going and telling myself that I can do this and reach my goal of 200 lbs by next September! Go team!


  1. My two fashion weaknesses are houndstooth and pea coats. And you are rocking them both! Great finds!

  2. Love them both! Looking amazing and beautiful as you always do!