Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OOTD- Red Dress

For my husbands birthday (this past May) I decided to have some semi risque photos of myself as a gift for him. I had put off finding clothes for this until that last minute, imagine that! I went to the Dress Barn and found this dress and thought it was perfect for the pin uppy feel I was going for. I grabbed it, in a size 22 (I was used to getting a 24) because that was all they had left and I was bummed, I decided to try it on anyway! I got into the dressing room and right off the bat knew it wouldn't fit, but I kept going to see how terrible I'd look in it. I pulled it down and holy crap it fit, like a glove! I instantly loved it and HAD to have it. Of course I bought it. I have worn it to work twice now and I feel a bit self conscious in it because it does fit like a glove and it's about 2 inches shorter than I'm comfortable with but I still like it and I feel pretty in it.This outfit is actually from last week, sorry guys, I wanted to post the hounds tooth dress first! :D

Next time I'll iron it!
Now that I'm looking at it, it isn't as tight as I imagine. I love that!

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