Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scale is moving again! In the right direction I may add!

What a great week! Personally speaking anyway, work sucks. I read a page online I think it was Wednesday on the 8 top reasons you aren't losing weight. Of course I had to read it. The one that I connected with the most was getting discouraged and falling off the wagon when you don't see the scale go down. We rely too much on the scale. Other changes are happening that we can't see on on a day to day basis but they are happening! So th last two weeks were slow going even though I was eating correctly AND biking every day I lost a combined 1 lb so I was discouraged but knew I had to stick with it to get over this plateau and so reading that website story really kept me looking ahead to the goal and guess what?! I lost 4 lbs this week! Amazing! Did I mention I switched over to calorie counting as opposed to the WW app? I think I did. My Fitness Pal is what I'm using and it's pretty good, taking some time to get used to but I like the pointers it gives. After I complete an entry for the day it tells me what I should weigh in 5 weeks if I stay on the current track and of course the disclosure that that is just what could happen not what will happen, but last night I had like 400 calories remaining at 8 o clock and completed my entry and it gave a warning that I'm not eating enough calories. Thank you! This is one of the things that I was worried about last week, not eating enough, as funny as it sounds, so my coworker had made a recipe (we call them Dingle balls) but they are really called Date Energy balls (found here) and I loved them so much so I made them last week. Well, we had 5 left and if I ate 4 I'd get enough calories for the day to not be "starving" so I ate 3, I sacrificed one to my husband :) They were a great desert, perfect sized and really hit the chocolately goodness crave even when there is no chocolate in them.

I DID get the tattoo last night and the most awesome owner of 314 worked with me on the price because that was what I was most worried about and my son is having some health issues right now so I just wasn't sure if I should get a tattoo when my son needs to go see the doctor ($150 a pop), anyway he was so great and we did half of it in trade for priting (which he has been talking about doing for over a year haha) so I just can't say how great that is. It's about 8:20 am on Saturday and I go in today to get the black bandage taken off, get it cleaned and have the clear healing tape put on so then I can see it. The last time I looked at it, aside from the red swelling and bleeding (yuck) it looked freaking fabulous. I'm so excited. My grandmothers beautiful face is now on my shin for eternity and she will always be facing forward and taking me down the correct path in life. Some of my family text me, after I had text them a photo of the stencil, "Wow, that's big!" I responded I'd rather have big and badass than small and not a likeness of her. She was a big part of molding me into who I am and I'm elated to do this for her... Even though she's prob. looking down from heaven cursing me because she hated tattoos but I love them and I loved her so THERE grandma! :)

Also got my iPhone 5S last night and it's nice. I like the slimmer body but taller is weird because I have to stretch my finger up further to access some buttons. The fingerprint scanner is lame because anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I bitched about having to wait a millisecond longer for the new iOS 7 to come on when I tap the home button, but now with the fingerprint scanner it's even longer, I have no patience and I want it to open NOW. I just turned that feature off. I saw an ad for a Android where it would play music with just your voice command and I'm realllllly thinking Apple needs to integrate that because I often think "Man, can't I just tell Siri what I want her to do and when I say some sort of keyword she'll turn on and do it?!" because I don't think I can stand to have another Android. They are doo doo, just too used to loving and owning Apple products. :)

Anywhoo, I'm blabbing because I had a good day. Now, I'll be off shortly to have lunch with my good friend and spend the rest of the day with my husband and son. Back to work after that (Monday, I hate you). Ciao all.

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