Monday, October 28, 2013

Yeaaah.... Really?

It's been a hectic weekend so I'm sorry I didn't post but also, in reality I was pissed off and just didn't find the time to do it. GAINED .4! Seriously. No "cheating", biking EVERYDAY and I gained .4. Yes, still could be muscle build up, etc, wah wah wah but once again I'm changing things up. I get too off put by these weekly weigh ins so starting November, I'm going to weigh the first Saturday in the month and take measurements and photos. I've sen other weight loss bloggers do this and it seems to help to not reply soooo damn much on that F'ing number on the scale. I still feel great, my clothes (even now the size 20's) are feeling loose and it's just that number that still STAYS the damn same! Still not falling off the wagon or anything so that's good. I think I'm over that part. I am bound and determined to break through this plateau! So the next time I get on the scale will be this Saturday but not again until December. I feel this whole year has been a tragic waste. I'm only down 14.6 lbs from the first week in January. At least I'll be ending the year less than what I was last year. That's an easy accomplishment to keep. Curious to see how this goes. I've been stepping on the scale once a week for about two years now, I can imagine myself stepping on it during the week or on a Saturday but not going to record anything. I'll try my hardest to not step on it because that will defeat the whole purpose of this. Whether or not I go back to weekly weigh ins I will still take new measurements each month because I too think those are important.

Enough of my bitching for today.

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