Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bitter Sweet

Ok, Nov 1st. STarting of the weigh only once a month and measure and take photos saga. I need this. I gained F'ing 2.4 lbs this week. REALLY? I HATE YOU SCALE!!!! I have been pooping my ass off because my son brought home a bug and first dad got it then me so my mom said "Maybe it's your body retaining water because you've lost so much?!" My retort was  "It's always something!" because it really seems like it is. First it's my period, then it's "a lb of muscle weighs more than a lb of fat "( last time I checked a pound is a pound?!), now it's water retention. Whatever, F you scale! My husband, when talking about what the scale told him he says it's a compulsive liar, and I believe it. Ok, so now that the scale issue is out of the way I have snuck off to measure. The last time I measured was October 19th and I have before in the past but never wrote a date down so the I'm just going to post what the earliest recordings are. I'm actually happy with these which is proof that measuring an weighing only once a month will be killer good for me and my "must get to a certain number" mind set. Here's the results:

There you have it. My big ol body measurements! Again, since I don't have a date (I really think it was around 6 months ago) for the first time nor did I measure for each category you get an idea! In my bust I've lost 1.75" in my waist I've lost 2", stayed the same in my tummy, lost .5 in my thigh, and 1.5" in my calf! A total loss of 5.75 inches. That's amazing! I think it's even more amazing because "they" say it's always hardest to lose the inches because that fat's been there the longest (or something? haha). I'm surprised my thighs haven't lost more since I can feel them burn while peddling the bike but I guess it's more calf muscle than anything, eh? If we go off the first measurements I've lost a total of 11.75 in the categories that I measured for. So, I'm extremely happy about this. I'm glad I snuck off to do this because I needed to and it's part of this and it's made me feel better about that fucking scale making it a point to ruin my life. The next Saturday next month is a whole week in to December so do you think I should do the last Saturday in November or just literally start at the first of each month? Saturday's have always been my weigh days so I just get all freaked out about changing the days even though now that I'm doing once a month it really shouldn't matter, right? 

Whipple, out. 

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