Thursday, July 21, 2016

ZzzQuil Review

I was recently sent some ZzzQuil from Influesnter and I was excited to try it. Unfortunately for me a good nights sleep seems so far away in the distance as I have a newborn at home and am nursing. I didn't want to risk sleeping through cries or feeding time but lucky for me I have a wiling husband at home who loves sleep as much as I do (and gets to sleep more than I do these days). I asked if he'd be willing to try them and give me his opinion on them and of course he said yes!

He took the two capsules that were sent to me around 11pm, he was already pretty tired by then, as you can tell by the photo below.

He goes to sleep quite quickly on his own, always, and this night was no different. He was off to la la land in a snap. Snoring away. He got to sleep in until about 9 am and seemed to still look tired when he woke up (a usual side effect of having a baby and full time job). When he woke up the next morning I grilled him on his ZzzQuil experience.

 He said he still felt groggy and not 100%. I asked him if he had any bad dreams or anything (a usual side effect for me when I'm taking a sleep aide) and he said he did not. I asked if he slept peacefully through the night and he said yes, he only woke to turn over and then went immediately back to sleep. I then asked him how many stars, out of 5, he'd give the product, 5 being the best he gave them a 3. Not too bad. I'd like to try the product in the future so I could form my own opinion.

My mom said she had tried it before and liked it, didn't leave her groggy or anything afterwards so I guess it effects people differently! I did get these for free for testing purpose from Influesnter but the opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

UpSpring Baby Products- A Review for Breastfeeding Moms

I recently had a healthy 9.1 lb, 22" bouncing baby boy and I couldn't be more blessed. My little family is now complete! On my new/old mommy road I was sent some UpSpring powder from Influenster to test for free and share my opinions on. I'll be honest, I hadn't heard about UpSpring before I was contacted by Influenster but I gave it a whirl. Apparantly you mix the drink with your choice of cow milk and drink. It's supposed to help the milk production for your baby! I'll try anything that would directly benefit my new little.

I was sent several powders in Orange, Berry and Chocolate I figured they'd taste like crap but decided to dive in anyway. The first flavor I tried was Chocolate (naturally!) and I used the free plastic shaker bottle they sent me.

You mix 6 oz of milk with 1 packet of the UpSpring Flow and shake, or stir well. I may not have shook the bottle long enough because my milk was chunky, I shook longer and it blended much better but had a few chocolate powder particles floating around still. It was pretty good, I was actually surprised. It tasted almost like it had a hint of coffee flavor or something mixed with chocolate. I'd say it was slightly less flavorful than a Nesquick milk drink. I'd have it again for sure!  A few days later I tried the berry and it too was pretty good. Not the best thing on Earth but something I'd drink again. It was like a strawberry milk.

I was also sent some nipple cream and alcohol detecting strips. I have yet to test either of those but am currently having a margarita so I may have to bust out those strips soon! I haven't ever had any issues with dryness or cracking so I have yet to need to try the nipple cream but I may try it for fun in the next few days!
I'm thankful for Influenster for sending me these excellent products to try, the opinions, however, are my own. I'd recommend these products to my friends too!