Friday, December 30, 2016

2017- In Full Swing

Ah yes, a new year a new you. BARF! I think I've posted something similar like this before. While I love the feelings of refreshing and renewing attitudes a new year brings I do think it's hogwash to make "resolutions". Yes, I used to be one of the people who made resolutions and I STILL believe in motivating yourself, it just has to stick throughout the year. I'm reading a book right now that I got for my birthday called "Living Well and Spending Less" by Ruth Soukup and even though I'm not even half way through the book it's the first time I've ever tabbed pages and highlighted with a real highlighter! I love it so far! It's REALLY invigorating me to live a better life. I then was perusing Facebook and saw a video posted about zero waste living and THAT made me more curious. I, again as you do, was scrolling Facebook tonight and a pal posted about a documentary on Netflix about living minimalistic and it made me ill, to look around at all the STUFF we own and still think that we need more! I literally want to cancel the contract we're under building a new house, it has effected me that badly. While my husband has talked me off that ledge I still think we can do a LOT to live more minimal and zero waste in our lives. I've love 2017 to be about finding myself because I have felt so lost this later half of the year. Perhaps it was the new baby in our family and the way that damn postpartum affected me, perhaps its it not bringing home a paycheck for the last 6 months or any number of things that are, for no particular reason, leaving me feeling negative and desolate inside. I literally have SO MUCH to be grateful for and this new year I want to focus on those. My husband who is my soul mate and my everything is always standing behind me rooting me on. My mom who is essentially the only family I have in town who is a source of wisdom and love.

This year I will hone in on becoming the best me yet!

Thus far, starting Wednesday, I've started eating healthier and am making a movement to actually structuring my days, starting with a daily schedule to keep me on task and have everything laid out in front of me. From drinking water and eating right to when to go to bed and read a book. I feel confident this will be great.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

LipSense Review

LipSense Ya'll, am I the only one not loving the kool-aid?!

I've been a lip balm Burt's Bees lover since around 2006 when first introduced to Burt's Bee's lip balm from a co-worker and it became my new lip go to. I NEVER wore any lipstick, ever. It just wasn't my thing. I had always WANTED to be a lipstick wearing gal but I just couldn't get into it. I'd purchase a lipstick here and there and wear it once or twice always hating the color and then it would eventually fall to the wayside and get lost at the bottom of my bag or my makeup vanity. Well, now that I'm my own boss I thought wearing lipstick would be an easy way to class myself up a bit so I went to Ulta and had it in mind to buy an inexpensive lipstick, since I could never get the color right, and then splurge on the same color in a different brand later.

That was about 15 lipsticks ago.... and I carry them all in my bag (or purse)! I have found a new makeup addiction and it's terrible for my bank account! I'd recently heard of this new lipstick called LipSense. It's supposed to be the no budge, smudge or kiss off lip stick that stays put for up to 8 hours. Ok, I'm intrigues at this point. My husbands ex-wife becomes a distributor so I was immediately NOT interested anymore, but secretly I was. I wanted to try it!

For my birthday I had found a color I thought would look good through Amazon and past it along to my husband as part of a wish list. My husband did purchase the color and the gloss for me.... from his ex! Ugh, that darling man. After reading the directions, yes there are directions, I gave it a go. I was actually riding passenger in a car with my BFF headed to a Paint Nite event so maybe not the best of times to try it out but I was dying to get it on. First impression was I loved the color! It was a purply color called Purple Rein and I was in love with it. This is a product you put three coats on, letting it dry for 5-10 seconds between each coat, and then toping with the gloss that is supposed to "seal" the color on your lips for, what I found out, 3-8 hours. Right after getting the first coat on it is VERY drying. It drys in that crackly fashion on your lips. Oooook? I put the two ore coats on and was dying for the gloss, which by the way I HATE gloss. It's goopy thick garb and has never been my favorite.

Gloss is on and it's a typical gloss but felt good on my lips as far as re-hydrating the dryness of the color. While I felt a mild burn after putting on the first coat it is hit and miss, sometimes I feel a more intense burn and others no burn at all. This burning sensation is a common complaint, I've learned, with this product. It was never so bad I couldn't continue to use it though. You're supposed to re-apply the gloss as needed, making sure your lips aren't ever dry. That is the key in keeping the color on which I was not privy to this information ever before. I'm thinking, if I'm going to reapply gloss why not just re-apply a lipstick!? Anywhoo, I don't even recall how I felt about the lip product by the end of the day except it didn't work. A few hours later the color had worn off on the inner part of my lips leaving me with almost a lip liner. I continued to try the product hoping that it wearing off was just a fluke but I found myself being SO self conscious about the color, constantly checking the mirror to make sure it looked ok. One day it was flaking off so badly it was all over my chin. It was TERRIBLE.

My husbands ex ended up messaging me asking how I liked the product I told her the truth, that I really wanted it to work but it just wasn't. She offered to let me try a different color and that my husband had left this one in the car for like a week and forgot about it so maybe that was effecting the color and also that the purples are more fickle than the other colors. I was open to trying a different color, after all I DID/DO want it to work like it says it should! I tried a mauve-ish pinky color called "Fire n Ice". She told me to absolutely NOT use any other lip balm as the flaking was due to "Exfoliating". She said "exfoliating" just short of a million times but I tried it. Taking a lip balm gal and forcing her to just use gloss, even not over color, was maddening! So you're telling me not only do I need to reapply gloss all day but I can't even use other products for fear of getting a waxy build up? I'm out. I'm finished. Count me out! But, UGH, I continued to use it. The Fire N Ice went much better than the purple and stayed on I'd say about 3-4 hours nicely. After that it did start to wear away. I eventually ended up purchasing the lip balm they offer (no where near gave me the lip penetration of hydrating formula I crave from my Burt's Bees) and another color "Praline Rose" a very neutral color very close to my own lip color. The problem with the other colors is when it wears off it looks patchy like I have some blister or something on my lips, the Praline Rose you can't really tell it's wearing away unless you're up in my fries looking at it.

I'm still in the same boat... I REALLY want it to work but it just doesn't seem to jive well. I still carry them and wear them every now and then but again, feel self conscious all day that I look like a fool! I'd much rather eat off my normal shades evenly in 2 hours than to have to reapply a gloss, use a sub par lip balm and look like I have an STD. BUT! I seem like the only one in the world who doesn't lip this product? Am I? Have you tried it?! Let me know! I had taken a photo of the severe flaking but it's long gone and too embarrassing anyway!