Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017- Day 1

Happy 2017 Ya'll! I have a wonderful evening playing t low key with some of my closest friends and my husband playing board games:

Here is day 1 of trying to live more minimalistic and I'm so over whelmed it's crazy! Now that Iv'e watched several Ted Talks and Documentaries on living with less and being happier I'm looking around at all the shit I've accumulated in life that means nothing to me. While I was putting my laundry away and contemplating the 3 33 challenge that I'm gearing up to do I finally turned all my hangers around to assess what I use at the end of the month. Here's my plan for January: I'm going to overhaul my closet and then in February I will start the 3 33 challenge. What S the 3 33 challenge? There is a woman who wanted to live with less so for 3 months she lived on 33 items of clothing. That included shoes, jewelry and everyday clothing it did NOT include undies, socks, PJ's or gym clothes. I could go through my closet and purge lots of stuff right now that I know I don't use but I hard to start with flipping the hangers (so I can see what I really don't use) is as good as it gets until I can get some purge boxes.  I could easily fill so many boxes with STUFF right now yet I have no boxes and no where to take the stuff right now. Sort of ironic, don't you think?

During the month I will come across items that I will ask myself if it serves a function or brings me joy/reminds me of a memory that creates joy. If it serves none of those I will be putting it in the purge box. I'm curious to see how many boxes will be filled by the end of the month, heck, by the end of the week even!

Here's the first picture of  ONE SIDE my closet, the other side has "weekend clothes which will gt 99% purged! I'm excited to see where this takes me in my personal journey in life!

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