Friday, January 13, 2017

Still Going Strong

Happy Friday Yall! Things are going pretty great today! I feel as though I'm at a cross roads in my life where I need to make some major changes and decisions about where I want my future to go and who I want to be in the future.

The first was my career. After taking some time off with my newborn I eel like I'm spinning my wheels with real estate but I am reinvorgotated and feel I have great things on the horizon that I am going to work my butt off towards so I can reach my potential in Real Estate.

This whole week I prepared a healthy vegan dinner for my family. Saturday to today and so far and I'd say 3-4 days-out of the 7 days I've wanted to NOT cook and eat out! haha Literally, my husband was on the brink of heading out to get something to eat and I just thought I need to get my butt in there and cook. Those nights I didn't want to cook I said out loud "I'm not cooking tonight!" but then I'd him and haw in my head and eventually get up and cook. I must find things to make for lunches. Those are the hardest by far. A friend turned me on to Gardein vegan "meats" and they are fantastic. It's just a rush in the afternoon to make and eat a good lunch.

I had it on my to do list all week to sew some more zero waste produce bags I just never made time for it. But I am still excited to be eating more healthy and making better choices! I've been going to bed at 9 pm and reading for 30 minutes, then turning the light out and going to sleep. I'm still tired in the mornings but no where near as tired as I used to be AND I get to read! I'm almost finished with a book and I pretty much just started it in January! Totally excited to get to read again, it was all about making time for it.

I can practically feel my husband rolling his eyes if he knew I was talking about living Minimal and Zero Waste! haha, poor guy. I've been trying to purge more this week but still finding it hard to get my hands on boxes! Dang the luck. I haven't made time to go dumpster diving for them either. I have lots I need/want to purge still. I'd say I've really only done the once over on most rooms that have stuff out. I did do my son's room pretty well and the kitchen- Felt totally good about those! I believe my next task to accomplish is a compost bin. I've tried a compost bin in the past and it was a disaster which has left my husband scarred. I researched a worm compost bin and it seems a lot easier to manage so I'd like to see how that goes.

Lastly, on top of tying to focus on living minimally, zero waste and vegan I'm also doing a no spend month come February. I've been testing the waters and feel confidant I can do this in Feb. I'd buy nothing but some perishable food and anything that is 100% required to live (diapers!).  Sheesh, trying to tackle so many aspects of life but like I said I feel I'm at the presuppose of total life change and I can see a great light at the end!!!


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